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May 2018

We at Media Productions have taken a different track of recent in trying our hand at writing two books to be published this year and the next year. 

The first one deals with my time spent working and living in the mining town of Port Hedland and the experiences that I was able to achieve in my 24year stay in the town.

The second book is a little more complex and has a working title of Salvaging the Memories and Artifacts of Perth's Television History. It traces the steps of when Television first came to Western Australia and tracks along a timeline to where it is today.

This book would NOT be possible if it wasn't for the help of some very helpful ex-media and media people in the Industry.




                                   The Red Dust Dreams-Living in the Outback                                                        is a book by talented writer Lannah Sawers-Diggins
                                   deals with the lives of families that take on                                                        the running of outback Farming and cattle Stations,                                          and the stories that they tell in surviving in the
                                   harshest, dusty and sometimes trying times.

                              Hard copies of the book can be purchased from
                                  The Amazon & Barnes & Noble websites